Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cabin up in Strawberry

My whole family was able to get away for a weekend to a cabin (more like mansion) up in Strawberry. This was the first time since getting married that all of us were together on a vacation. What a fun weekend we had. We hiked, ate, laughed around a bon fire, watched our children play together, stayed up late, ate some more. It's definitely a tradition I hope happens every year. I'm so glad that my kids have so many cousin close in age. They all love each other, most of the time, and get so excited to spend time with each other. It was so fun being with all of my siblings and having nothing else to do except spend time with one another. I sure do love each and every one of them.


Clint, Marianne, Sage, Charlotte, Emery and Ivy said...

holy crap! That's some cabin!!! Does someone rent it out?? We are looking for a place like that to do a little fam reunion.

Adria said...

It's acutally a friend of my sisters cabin. She just doesn't rent it out. She was kind enough to just let us use it because my sister was going to be there.