Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Phoenix Zoo

We spend a day at Phoenix zoo with our good friends, Shavonne and Kristin and their kids. It was a little hectic with 6 kids running around, but we sure enjoyed ourselves. It's always fun when we get together because each one of the kids has a friend that is almost their exact age to play with. The weather being nice *most* of the year is one of the things I love about being in Arizona. It allows you to go outside and do a lot of fun activities.

Cabin up in Strawberry

My whole family was able to get away for a weekend to a cabin (more like mansion) up in Strawberry. This was the first time since getting married that all of us were together on a vacation. What a fun weekend we had. We hiked, ate, laughed around a bon fire, watched our children play together, stayed up late, ate some more. It's definitely a tradition I hope happens every year. I'm so glad that my kids have so many cousin close in age. They all love each other, most of the time, and get so excited to spend time with each other. It was so fun being with all of my siblings and having nothing else to do except spend time with one another. I sure do love each and every one of them.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Coronado Island

We went to Coronado Island this summer with the kids and Marks parents. I love that place. Our hotel was right on the beach, which the kids loved! We went swimming, went to the beach, and went to Sea World. This was kind of the first vacation we have taken as a family since Dawson was born. We've gone other places, but have never stayed in a hotel. I learned from this trip that 18 months is too young to travel. LOL I feel bad saying that the trip would of been so much more relaxed if he would of been at home. I love him SO so much, but dang that kids is hard to manage in a small hotel room!! None the less, we still enjoyed ourselves and hope to make it back there next year.....with or without Dawson:)